The What, Where and Whys of Diverse Leaders Coaching

Why is Niche Coaching for Underrepresented Leaders Necessary?

Even with law and policy encouraging a diverse society, we still see that at the higher levels of organisations the disparity in career advancement for those from minority groups is still there.

The issue however is not just with the organisations, but also with the effects discrimination and belief systems has had on those individuals from underrepresented groups.

Living with a lifetime of bias, misogyny, ableism, micro-aggressions and other societal and psychological constructs has an almost incomparable impact on minority groups, their mindset and their ability to operate at senior levels of organisations. 

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Coaching from this perspective supports leaders to:
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What does The Diverse Leaders Coaching Involve?

What is offered is a combination of coaching and mentoring, although clients can choose what works for them.

Sessions are 1:1 and combines the traditional coaching outlined below, but also professional mentoring, including networking and leadership skills, that other groups acquire through Nepotism, Connections, Education and Work Experience that may not have been accessible to people from underrepresented groups.

What is Holistic Executive Coaching?

Dawn believes that the different areas of your life are not dependent of each other.  Careers are related to family life, finances relate to health, and your health relates to everything! By giving clients the space to consider the place they are today from a holistic viewpoint, allows for shifts that occur to often cause a ripple effect in other areas of their lives.

What does mentoring mean in this context?

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For coachees who would like guidance around promotions, work projects, and professional skills development Dawn combines in depth expert practical and theoretical knowledge of the processes, preferences and politics of career progression within organisations, to give bespoke mentoring on a practical level. Areas that Dawn’s mentoring covers include:

How does a Coaching Session work?

Session lengths vary and are agreed with the organisation/client.  Dawn will then work with them using the following techniques:

The session will conclude with agreed actions, or further reflection for the client to do.  The Coachee can contact Dawn at any point through her coaching platform to ask questions, or just share insights that come to them in-between sessions

What Coaching Is Not

Coaching (or Mentoring) is not therapy, if it is felt that a different type of help is needed to best serve the client, Dawn will suggest that to them.

If it is felt that Dawn cannot work with a client for any reason then she will let the client know, and make recommendations for other professionals that could help.


Coaching and what is said in the coaching room, or coaching Zoom is entirely confidential.  The contents of your sessions are not shared with anyone else, unless it is felt that a client is in danger.  This means that you are safe to share any issues you currently face within your workplace. 

— About Dawn

The Diverse Leaders Coach

Dawn Morton-Young, a.k.a The Diverse Leaders Coach, is an Holistic Executive Coach to Underrepresented Leaders; a Diversity, Equity Inclusion and belonging Consultant & Trainer; a speaker, HR Consultant for SME’s;  owner of the 1st HR Consultancy for employees  – Employee Angels, and a Backing Vocalist and session singer. 

Having been seen in publications such as Forbes Magazine, The Telegraph, HR Magazine,  Real Business and The Guardian, Dawn also writes columns for various media outlets, and is a speaker on a variety of topics within the areas of Personal and Professional Growth,  HR Management and Diversity  Inclusion and Belonging, both in the UK and abroad. Dawn was recently awarded HR Most Influential Thinker 2021, and continues to influence both businesses and individuals in creating workplaces where belonging is paramount, and everyone has an expectation and ability to succeed.

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